The functioning of Jeevakala Kala Samskarika Mandalam is in two associations, the first is in preserving and propping up heritage arts of music and dance like classical folk and tribe, especially of these organ-music.
And the other stands for peaceful humanitarian work and social services. It has recently made a wide awareness programme on wide spread social discrimination against the diseased and it has given a keen attention to the HIV affected children.
There are a number of courses conducted by Jeevakala in connection with the cultural subjects in a systematic time schedule, which are handled by eminent professionals and personalities. of those our prominent items are Tabala (Hindustani) Chenda (kalamandalam style) Violin(Karnatic) Mrudanga, Veena, Flute, Classical Dance, Painting, Drawing, Guitar, Keyboard etc..
In connection with the humanitarian work it is our motto that those who are born as human being have the responsibility to respond and interfere with the sufferings of society in which they live as human beings. As a part of this work there are a plenty of awareness programs usually made using arts and culture to draw the attention of all walks of life.

We have opened the first such a programme at the St. Johns medical village of Thiruvananthapuram Dist. At Pirappancode. For the happiness of HIV affected inmates there conducted and lunch was supplied for all and was taken along with them.

The next one was a heart rending and eye opener programme at the old age centre run by Government of Kerala, Social welfare Dept @ thiruvananthapuram. There are more than 100 inmates there who are abandoned or driven away by their children or Kith and Kin. There also culture programme were conducted to make the destitute. Delightful delicious food were supplied to them and the full crew took food along with them. That function was inaugurated by cartoonist Sukumar.

Another one was at care home controlled by Panayaram Venjaramood. Here we spent a full evening with cultural programmes. The forsaken people felt their real relatives in the members of Jeevakala . At the end of celebration they felt a lot to part with, but it gave them some relatives who are not meaningless blood related.

As a Helping Hand to Poor Families

Here is a dissimilar help to an alarming new bride. It had happened at the remote village named Chakkakadu, near Pullampara. After some days of the marriage proposed had taken place, the father of the bride was in the way of disappearance. Later he was found committed suicide, because he had no money to manage marriage expenses. Like a thunderbolt the fate had fallen upon her dream of life. The news reached at the office of Jeevakala, extended the hands to the very poor girl, and our office met all the expenses for her marriage with the support of the people. Now those couples, Mrs Surya and her husband Mr Kumar lead a very happy married life.

Let us follow a new happening. It occurred at Parameswaram of Nellanadu grama pachayat a very old woman who always struggle s for saving her family members. She has to look after her grownup daughter, because she is mentally challenged person. The grandmother was another fate to face is that the grownup granddaughter is a mentally ret redone. So the life of the old age women is pitiable because she deserves rest in this age but she is always restless; so, Jeevakala Kala Samskarika Mandalam has opened the heart and hands of kindness towards her family.